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SAN FRANCISCO (part one)

I am back from a great, “on the go” six days in San Francisco. It was only the end of the first day and we felt like we had seen everything there is to be seen; roaming through neighborhood after neighborhood making frequent stops at tiny cafes, gift shops, and candy stores. With my camera in tow the whole trip, I was able to document yet another great city, San Francisco!

After quickly browsing through what seems like a trillion pictures,  I have decided there’s just wayyy too many I’d like to share in a single blog post. So let me begin here with some of my favorite Golden Gate Bridge shots. 

STILL TO COME: Napa Valley, the people of SF, the architecture, food, details and more!! 


Although, this next one is not of the bridge, I just love it! Check out the fog in the distance…

With pictures of the Golden Gate bridge at sunrise already, I was determined to be back there before sunset on our last night. After taking the bus (over an hour) in the wrong direction I was in a panic, especially since the sun was already setting. Luckily it only took one hour 😉 for us to get off the wrong bus and jump on the correct one and just in the “nick of time”, I was not only at the bridge, but I was standing on it. Although, the sun had already set I was able to get some nice photos and the colors were incredible, especially with the fog rolling in.

San Francisco, CA Photos taken Oct 22 – 27, 2009

  • October 29, 2009 - 11:56 PM

    steve - Love them.


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